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Located at The Schacknow Museum of Fine Art

Classes Offered

: Foundation to advanced techniques in drawing and painting

Learning to see and interpret the forms of light and shadows, drawing and learning how to render (a more precise drawing) what ever the subject matter is. Also under standing the medium you’re working in. Understanding the principals and use of color and compositions etc

: High School Portfolio Classes offered

For the high school student, graduating and going on to a higher education in the arts. We will take the time to critique and fine tune the portfolio to the high school curriculums.

: Hone your skills in a creative environment

To be among your peers, learning from each other as well as the instructor

Take the Image From Your Mind and Bring it into Reality!

For more information speak to  Olga at: (954) 583-5551

                                               or Brent at: (954) 755-3657

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